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Your Thanksgiving
Menu To-go!

All orders must be in by Monday, November 19th 
Call 296-3316 or send order to h This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All orders must be picked up by Wednesday, November 21nd

DINNER (serves 4-6 people)

Roasted or Smoked Whole Turkey - Avg. 13 pounds $49.00


Homemade Fresh Cranberry Sauce $10.00 Qty_____
Joe’s Yam Surprise
(Casserole w/ pecans, brown sugar)
$18.00 Qty_____
Cornbread Dressing $12.00 Qty_____
Green Beans with Ham $12.00 Qty_____
Turkey Gravy $10.00 Qty_____
Corn Maux Chou (Cajun creamed corn) $12.00 Qty_____


Pecan Pie $16.00 Qty_____
Apple Crumb Pie $16.00 Qty_____
Cranberry Apple Pie $16.00 Qty_____
Butter Milk Pumpkin Pie $16.00 Qty_____
Sweet Potato Praline Pie $16.00 Qty_____
Plum Good Spice Cake $10.00 Qty_____
Granny’s White Fruit Cake $10.00 Qty_____
Chocolate Coca Cola Cake $9.00 Qty_____
Cranberry Orange Pound Cake $9.00 Qty_____
Lemon Drop Pound Cake $9.00 Qty_____
Sweet Potato Cheesecake $40.00 Qty_____


Name:  ____________________________

Phone: ____________________________

Pick up Date: _______________________



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Heidi & Joe are proud to be members of the Southern Foodways Alliance. Dedicated to preserving the traditions of Southern Food & Culture.

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